Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beef Steak

Eye fillet or beef fillet ($35/kg)
1 piece per person, ½” thick
Black pepper
Sprinkle to both sides of steak
Sea Salt
Sprinkle to both sides of steak
Vegetable oil and butter
1 tbs each


Oyster sauce
2 tsp
Worchester sauce
2 tsp
Balsamic vinegar
1 tsp
1 tsp
2 tbs
1/2 tsp
Soya sauce
1 tsp
Dark soya sauce
1 tsp
2 tbs
1 clove diced
Green peas
½ cup

Somehow we felt that the steak in Levin is so tender and delicious, unlike the ones in Auckland. So, we got hooked on steak here and have it every week. The fillet steak is indulgence, the scotch fillet or the porterhouse is just as good for steak. Nevertheless, the eye fillet simply melts in your mouth, so tender and juicy when cooked just right, a little pink.
Put 1 tbs of butter and 1 tbs of vegetable oil in hot heavy pan.  Sprinkle both sides of steak with sea salt and ground black pepper then slid into pan. Cook for about 1 minute on each side….when the meat turns white to about 5 mm from the bottom, it is time to turn over. When done on the second side, turn it over to the first side and cook for another minute, remove from pan and keep aside. Put in shallots and diced garlic and sauté for about 20 seconds, then add the green peas and the sauce. Let it comes to boil and return the beef back to pan and let it gets heated for about 1minute. Pour in the juice of the steak where it was resting. Remove from pan and serve. It is so tender and moist.


tigerfish said...

Gorgeous looking steak!

ramenkia said...

Yes I love a good steak sometimes. Thanks for visiting.

Jen (Tastes of Home) said...

Yummy looking steak...I LOVE steak :)

ramenkia said...

Yes NZ has very tender and nice steak. Hard to buy good steak in Malaysia. In NZ it is available in most butchers and supermarkets. Butchers' meat are fresher than supermarkets. We like the best cut which is the eye fillet which costs $27-$30+ per kg nowadays. Cheaper cuts such as Scotch, rump are not bad too. Jen, thanks for visiting.