Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hokkien Noodles

Cooked hokkien meehoon today for lunch and it was good. Would be even better if we had pork fat with it.
Shallots – 1 piece (about 1” size) thinly sliced
Garlic – 3 pips diced
Cabbage – 1/5, the stem sliced thinly. Outer leaves test for crunchiness. Choose only crunchy leaves. Sliced in ½” thick.
Meehoon – 2 sections (1/2 packet) for 4 pp. Soaked in warm water for 4 minutes and drain.
Chicken – sliced 1 cup, marinate in 1 tsp soya sauce, 1 tsp corn flour, 1 tsp sesame oil , ½ tsp sugar.
Shrimps – 14pcs marinate in 1 tsp sugar.
Cooking oil : 2 tbs vegetable oil for each fry (fried in 2 lots instead of all at once. More fragrant.
Dark soya sauce : 2 tbs
Soya sauce : 1 tbs
Fish sauce : 1 tbs
Balsamic vinegar : 1 tbs
Sugar : 3 tsp
Salt : 1 tsp
Ikan bilis or chicken stock cube : ½ pce or 1 tbs oyster sauce
Hot Water : 2 tbs
White pepper : dash

Fresh cut green or red chillis serve with soya sauce and some lemon juice.

Set wok temperature to medium high, add cooking oil and wait till hot. Add shallots and garlic and stir till fragrant. Add chicken pieces and stir till it turns white, add shrimps and stir. Then add cabbage and a couple tbs of sauce and stir for 30 seconds. Add meehoon and stir fry for 10-20 secs. Add 2 tbs of sauce to meehoon and keep stirring. Add 1 cup hot water and cover to cook for about 30 secs. Open cover and stir till well combined. Serve.

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